Hello, My name is Christian

I am the Founder & CEO here at Simplicity Vinyl. I am a young and innovative entrepreneur. Running my company is my passion; but when I have the time, I partake in a variety of hobbies that have shaped my business to what it is today:

  • Snowboarding
  • Downhill Longboarding
  • Guitar
  • Web Design

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I've been riding, since I was 6 years old. Utah has some of the best snow, & isn't far from my home. I learned at Snowbird, explored the mountains, and found myself at the Canyons Resort. There's nothing like a fresh powder day!


Downhill Longboarding

I am an adrenaline fueled thrill seeker. The bond between gravity & downhill is sublime. It's like snowboarding but on pavement!

Guitar & Music

Since the 4th grade, I've been an inspiring musician. First I was a Metal Head; later, I got into Blues, Jazz, & Reggae. I love to jam out whenever I find the time!


Web Design

Since building my first website in the 5th grade, I have continuously developed my programming proficiencies to include the following languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, & MYSQL.